Senate Meeting Minutes


October 22, 2003

I. Call to Order:
A. Floor Leader Frost temporary filled in for Vice President Frost. He called the meeting to order at 8:30pm.

II. Opening Ceremonies:
A. Senator Whalen led the Pledge of Allegiance.

III. Roll Call:
A. Senators Present: Pro Tempore Frost, Floor Leader Menicucci, Secretary Doll, Senator Singer, Senator Sadighi, Senator Burdette, and Senator Bass, Senator Upton, Senator Ainsworth, Senator Rodriguez, Senator Whalen and Senator Schjetnan
Absent- Senator Rice, Senator Boyd,

B. Executive Council Present: President Franzoy Secretary Zankich, AG Moreno- Campos, GAD Fallstich, Treasure Carbajal, PID Bruchhauser
Absent-Vice President Frost

IV. Sergeant of Arms Appointment:
A. Senator Bass was appointed Sergeant of Arms for the current meeting.

V. Approval of Agenda:
A. After reviewing the agenda for October 22, 2003 Senator Sadighi moved to approve the agenda. Senator Upton seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

VI. Approval of Minutes:
Senator Singer motioned to amend the minutes on line item A under Mustang Editor and transfer the word cease for the one used which was seize. Also Senator Singer stated correction on line item F under Announcements to add {what format to use for the forum} Correction noted Senator Bass seconded the motion; motion passes unanimously.

VII. Executive Council Reports:
A. President Franzoy-
Apologized for her absent at the last meeting. She said the Executive council would like to hire a work study so that there can be someone that is designated for the offices to take messages and things of that nature. There is an issue of money. She received an email from the NMSU student government and they wanted to know if we would want to have an ASNM conference so that we all lobby for the same things up in Santa Fe. It can be a teamwork effort and a time for us to come as one. If you know of anyone interested in the conference or the roundhouse please let them know there is opportunities out there. It will be no cost to the student. She thanked the members that did all the hard work on the shirts and they look great. Thank you! The pictures will be done but I will let the OID talk to you about it. There was a Club President meeting but I emailed the wrong people so she will have a new meeting on October 30, 2003 third floor SMB at 7:00pm. This meeting goals will be set.
B. Vice President Frost-
Vice President Frost absent

C. Secretary Zankich-
Secretary Zankich reported that we did in fact get a new printer that will help to finish the pictures. We are all working on it.

D. Treasurer Carbajal-
Treasurer Carbajal apologized for his absence and delivered the new monies from the vending machines, which is 10,260.77. He also let everyone know that the paperwork had been lost for some of the scholarships but he is taking care of it. Our Wal-Mart PO is at 380.16 therefore our total budget is 29,553.32.

E. Attorney General Moreno- Campos-
Phy-Si a former club here at WNMU has not been renewed as a club for this year. However the Psychology Club is basically the same club just with a new name due the advisor that was here for Phy-Si is no longer here. They came to us wondering if they could transfer monies form the former club to the present one. However, I checked on it and there is a two year default time that the monies are not touched. Furthermore, the Student Government has the choose to petition it and get the money for the use of only Student Government.
President Franzoy stated that she did some research and the club doesnít in fact need the advisor with the same background that the ex-advisor had so therefore they can have the club recognized and receive the monies.
Senator Singer- Would we recognize this club this semester?
AG- No, but they donít need the monies until the Spring semester.

F. GAD Fallstich-
The letters were sent out last week and the response was few but she will keep at it. Therefore the meeting has been moved to Monday October 27, 2003. Either in the Senate Chambers or the Executive Council offices is were the meeting will be held. If interested in Lobbying please contact her. She has delivered the Western Gifts and it was much appreciated. Refer people to GAD if you know of anyone that is interested in the meetings.

G. PID Bruchhauser-
Apologized for the last meeting that she was unable to attend. Press release came out today and she advised us to go see it. The bulletin boards are up and they took so long because we were attempting to laminate them but that fell through so we put them up as is. The look great! She is still waiting to hear from the GRC and S. hall so that the new B. Boards can be hung up in them. She also informed us that she has to retake some of the Senators pictures, but she has already received permission form Peggy in Housing and Maintenance. The name plated are also in we are just waiting on Maintenance to hand them for us. They also said that they will do whatever is possible so that they do not get stolen.

VIII. Old Business:
A. Mustang- Senator Schjetnan stated that he had too many students come to him and state that they want a newspaper. Therefore, we will call the old applicants and see what we can do to help them. We will also pick up the advertisements that are out there and make new ones and maybe bigger ones? Also make the statement on the application that it is a PAID position bigger so that it can be seen easier.
PID- There were applications received and discounted due to the lack of information or the incorrect information by Tina Rippa so why donít we have a copy sent to them and us.
Senator Singer- We could clear the applications and make them encouraging so that people want to apply. Also we could maybe have a large advertisement say the size of the M.C. Boards.
Floor Leader Menicucci motions to move on to New Business.
President Franzoy- Point of Order
Motion on the floor
Floor Leader Menicucci- revokes the previous motion.
Senator Singer motions to re-open the position for editor and start the search.
Senator Upton seconded, motion passed unanimously.

VIII. New Business:
A. Associated Justice Appointment-
President Franzoy stated that the individual was very excited and ready to get involved with the Student Government. She was able to contact him but he was unable to attend tonightís meeting. If you have any questions or concerns you might direct them to Secretary Doll because she does know the individual more than anyone else here. Open discussion. Senator Schjetnan motions to table the appointment until he is available for the meeting and any questions the Senate might have. Senator Singer seconded, motion passes unanimously.

IX. Announcements:
A. Senator Singer addresses the senate and Dr. P.J. Farren
Insert document- Attached Paper

B. President Franzoy asked for a count of the graduates that will need cords. Final count was 2

C. Furniture has been reviewed and the fact of the matter is that the furniture could be upgraded to a high quality for only 1,000 more. It will not come out of the studentís pocket it is actually going to come out of the V.P. pocket; they will pay the extra 1,000. It must be approved by the Student Government.

D. Senator Schjetnan will have Peggy from Housing here at the next meeting so that questions can be answered about the fines situation.

E. Senator Singer announced that he will have an activity table for information of the students on ASWNMU. He would like to have a table every other week.

F. Senator Rodriquez announced that there will be a Haunted House on October 31, 2003 from 7:00- 10:30/ 11:00 @ the Mecha Building and Native American Club. Volunteers welcomed. It is for the SEP and Psy. Clubs.
PID- there is a game that night so maybe they can announce it at the game. You could also invite the public schools to the event. COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION!

G. Next Meeting is November 5, 2003 @ 8:30
Next Caucus is October 27, 2003 @ 8:30

IX. Adjournment:

A. Senator Upton motioned to adjourn the meeting. Senator Frost seconded, motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 9:13 pm.

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