Senate Meeting Minutes


October 24, 2001

I. Call to Order
A. The meeting was called to order by Vice President Denton at 8:40pm.

B. Vice President Denton yielded the chair to Pro Tempore Preston.

II. Opening Ceremonies
A. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Floor Leader Gomez.

III. Roll Call
A. Senators Bruchhauser, Burdette, Franzoy, Gomez, Goodliffe, Jensen, Ortiz, Powers, Preston, Rice, Romano, Spurr, Talimatasi, Zankich were all present. B. A Sargent of Arms was not appointed.

IV. Approval of Agenda
A. Floor Leader Gomez moved to approve the agenda, Senator Rice seconded. The motion passed 14-0.

V. Approval of the Minutes
Floor Leader Gomez moved to table the approval of the minutes from the meeting of October 3, 2001. Senator Rice seconded. The motion passed 14-0.

VI. Executive Council Reports
A. President Zuniga said that her trip to the conference in Puerto Rico is tomorrow and she has the Itinerary if anyone would like a copy of it. She said that there are as many as 650 layoffs at the mines in the Silver City area. President Zuniga said this is a great time for Western to step up and offer these people a chance to get a good education. She also has the agenda for the Commission on Higher Education (C.H.E.) and the next meeting will be at the same place as the ASNM meeting.

B. Vice President Denton congratulated the Senate on a great Homecoming. She said that they only spent $770.00 and $300.00 was from Maria Rolfe to purchase cups and so they really only spent $470.00. Vice President Denton stated that she would like to look into purchasing some kind of sash for graduating Student Government members. Vice President Denton yielded the floor to Dr. Farren. Dr. Farren spoke about the two new courses being offered through Western. They are for learning how to deal with stress and anger and budgeting ones money.

C. Secretary Ambriz stated that he hopes the Senators are filling out their office/work hours. He said that the Senators need to go to their Committee meetings. Secretary Ambriz told Senator Rice that she has been appointed to the Teacher Evaluation Committee. Secretary Ambriz said that supplies are needed in the offices, $150.00 is needed for them. He also asked why the Senators name plates are not shown for audience questions. He stated they need to be up as soon as possible.

D. Treasurer Castillo spoke about the vending machine money. He stated that $2,700.00 had been allocated from the $10,000.00 pool of funds. The new budget is now $7,300.00. Treasurer handed out a paper with all the expenses of the year. It stated that there is a budget of $6,349.81 for the rest of the academic year 2001-2001. He also stated that the Student Government raised $630.00 on the raffle.

E. Attorney General Hazlett said that the Senate is starting to assume responsibility for the Senate meeting agenda and minutes. He also said that according to Standing Rule #11 a deadline is required for club recognition and this is the first year this rule has been in effect. He asked the Senate to consider letting clubs get recognized late this semester.

F. Governmental Affairs Director Rutherford told the Senate that if any of them would like to attend the ASNM conference in Las Cruces, November 16 and 17.

G. Public Relations Officer Bocanegra thanked the Senate for selling the raffle tickets. He invites anyone on the Senate who is interested to go with him to talk on the radio once a week. He also stated that The Record is waiting on one article and then it will be printed out.

H. Committee reports: Secretary Ambriz stated that he went to the Graduate Council Committee meeting in place of some Senators and he is not happy about it. Vice President Denton said that the Activities Committee would not be active again until Great Race. She also informed the Senate of the Publications Board Meetings that are on the following dates; October 30, November 13, and December 4. President Zuniga stated that the Hall of Fame Committee is no longer working until next semester. She also said that this year's Hall of Fame budget was $6140.00 and they only spent $220.00. Senator Spurr reported on the Discipline Committee and said that they have met. He said that the Athletic Committee was working on their constitution. Senator Spurr stated that the Senate raised over $100.00 for the September 11 fund and it will go to the children who lost their parents in the Pentagon

VII. Old Business
A. President Zuniga said that donating money for the Corre Caminos bus shelter has been put on back burner.

B. Secretary Ambriz announced that the Student Government offices are in great need of supplies so he asked for an allocation of $150.00. Senator Franzoy moved to allocate $150.00 for supplies and Senator Jensen seconded. The motion passed 14-0.

VIII.New Business
A. The following clubs, having satisfied all the requirements of Senate Standing Rule No. 11 and being represented at this meeting, are all eligible to be recognized by the ASWNMU Senate:

1. National Student Nurses

2. Sigma Tau Delta

3. Title V Peer Leaders

4. Varsity Club Floor Leader Gomez moved to approve all four clubs and to place the club S.O.T.A. onto the next agenda under old business and Senator Franzoy seconded. The motion carried 14-0.

B. Mr. Felix Barreras is in the process of placing horseshoes as an entranceway to the football field. He has spent $50.00 on the horseshoes and Maintenance has spent $198.00 on materials. He asked the Senate for any amount of money to help pay them back. Senator Romano moved to table it to the following weeks Caucus. Floor Leader Gomez seconded. The motion carried 14-0.

C. Damon Lyons, the new interim editor from The Mustang, introduced himself and wanted to answer any questions the Senate had about the newspaper. He asked the Senate for their cooperation. He also said that there is a drop box if anyone has any suggestions or comments.

IX. Announcements
A. President Zuniga read a letter addressed to the Senate from the athletic Director, Scott Woodard. The letter thanked ASWNMU for all their hard work to make this years Homecoming such a success. B. Vice President Denton stated that the next Senate meeting would be on November 7, 2001 at 8:30pm. C. Pro Tempore Preston announced that the next Caucus would be on October 30, 2001 at 8:15pm.

X. Adjournment
A. Senator Talimatasi moved to adjourn the Senate meeting. Senator Powers seconded. The motion passed 14-0. The meeting was adjourned at 9:25pm.

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