Senate Meeting Minutes


(Recording of Meeting Tape 14B)
October 3, 2001

I. Call to Order
A. The meeting was called to order at 8:35pm.

II. Opening Ceremonies
A. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Pro Tempore Preston.

III. Roll Call
A. Senators Bruchhauser, Burdette, Franzoy, Gomez, Goodliffe, Jensen, Powers, Preston, Rice, Romano, Spur, Talimatasi, Zankich were all present. Senator Ortiz was absent. Senator Spurr was named Sargent at Arms.

IV. Approval of Agenda
A. Senator Franzoy moved to approve the agenda for this October 3, 2001 meeting. Senator Powers seconded. The motion carried 13-0.

V. Approval of the Minutes
A. Senator Romano moved to approve the minutes from September 26, 2001. Senator Bruchhauser seconded. The motion carried 13-0.

VI. Executive Council Reports
A. President Zuniga encouraged all of student government to participate in the Homecoming activities of next week. She also announced that Lucies Technique, a beauty shop in Silver City, would do the Homecoming Court's hair in a 1950's style for the parade. President Zuniga also encouraged the Student Government to participate in the Mexicano/Chicano Week.

B. Vice President Denton also encouraged everyone to participate in the upcoming Homecoming events.

C. Secretary Ambriz complimented the Senators notebooks. He also stated that he would not be in his office the following week because he is going to recruit for the university.

D. Treasurer Castillo said that he would have the amount for the vending machines at the next meeting. He asks that the money received for raffle tickets be brought to him weekly.

E. Attorney General Hazlett said that there are twenty returning clubs and three new clubs. He also announced that the Student Government has spent $2700.00 out of the $10,000.00 allowed for this year. Attorney General Hazlett asked that Pro Tempore Preston transfer minutes and agendas to one computer because of the need for the Senate to take charge of the minutes and the agendas of the Senate meetings.

F. Governmental Affairs Director Rutherford reminded the Senate about the top five issues worth lobbying for:

  1. Student Bill of Rights
  2. Building repair/equipment repair
  3. No tax at the bookstore at the beginning of the year.
  4. More money for faculty and staff
  5. More money for library

G.A.D. Rutherford stated that he would be attending an ASNM Conference on November 16-17, 2001 in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

G. Public Relations Officer Bocanegra encouraged people to keep trying to sell raffle tickets and asked them to try and sell one or two a day. He announced that there would be an Open Forum for the Executive and Judicial Branch on Wednesday, October, 17,2001 at 10:00am. He asked for the allocation of $50.00 to purchase drinks and snacks for the Open Forum.

H. Committee Reports:

  1. Vice President Denton said the Activities Committee has a draft agenda for Homecoming week. They need people to help decorate on Friday, October 05, 2001 at 3:00pm and Saturday, October 6, 2001 11:00am and Sunday, October,7, 2001 at 11:00am.
  2. Vice President Denton said the Student Publications Board is trying to rebuild communication gap. The next "Mustang" is scheduled to appear on October 9, 2001 and October 30, 2001.
  3. President Zuniga reported that Hall of Fame Committee has their Hall of Fame inductee. He is Dean Reed. Mr. Reed was the President of W.N.M.U. for two years and went to school at W.N.M.U.
  4. President Zuniga reported that there is a new committee, AQUIP committee. It is working to close the communication gap.

VII. Old Business
A. President Zuniga asked to be reimbursed the gas money and food money for the ASNM Conference in Socorro. She has receipts for $88.00 in gas, $24.10 for Secretary Ambriz's food, and $14.18 for Attorney General Hazlett's food. Pro Tempore Preston moved to allocate the amount needed to reimburse President Zuniga, Secretary Ambriz, and Attorney General Hazlett. Senator Talimatasi seconded. The motion carried 13-0.

B. President Zuniga said she attended meetings this summer about the Corre Caminos Transportation. She said that the athletic department would like to split the cost of a bus stop shelter for the bus stop near campus. The amount of the shelter would be $250.00. Senator Romano moved to postpone the discussion to next meeting. Senator Franzoy seconded. The motion carried 13-0.

VIII.New Business
A. Senator Franzoy moved to allocate Public Relations Officer Bocanegra $50.00 for snacks at the Open Forum. Senator Rice seconded. The motioned carried 13-0.

IX. Announcements
A. President Zuniga stated that there would be a flag tribute to the September 11, 2001 attack on America before the next football game. She encouraged everyone to attend.

B. Senator Franzoy announced that the next Health Advisory meeting would be October 24, 2001 in the Health offices at 9:00am.

C. Senator Spurr said that the Student Government raised $76.00 for the New York victims at the past volleyball game.

D. Maria Rolfe announced that the movie night for Homecoming week is changed to 8:00pm. She said that the Homecoming King and Queen nominations are over and there will be a counting in her office at 1:30 on Thursday, October 4, 2001. She also stated that there will be a open forum for the attacks in New York and Washington D.C. Thursday night, October 4,2001 at 7:00pm.

E. The next caucus is scheduled for October 16, 2001 at 8:15pm. The next meeting is scheduled for October 24, 2001.

X. Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 9:25pm.

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