Senate Meeting Minutes


(Recording of Meeting Tape 13)
September 12, 2001

I. Call to Order
A. The meeting was called to order by Vice President Denton at 8:30 PM.

II. Opening Ceremonies
A. Pledge of Allegiance led by Pro Tempore Preston.

III. Roll Call
A. Senator Bruchhauser, Burdette, Franzoy, Gomez, Goodliffe, Ortiz, Powers, Preston, Rice, Romano, Spur, Talimatasi, Zankich, Senator Jensen was late.

B. Senator Goodliffe was appointed Sergeant at Arms.

IV. Approval of Agenda
A. Dr. Gilbert was added to the agenda under New Business. Senator Talimatasi moved to approve the amended agenda. Senator Romano seconded. Motion carried 14-0.

V. Approval of the Minutes
A. Senator Franzoy moved to approve the minutes from the August 28, 2001, Senate meeting. Senator Romano seconded. Motion carried 14-0.

VI. Executive Council Reports
A. President Zuniga gave her thanks for coming to the meeting despite the national tragedy.

B. Vice President Denton announced that the Senators need to fill out their personal profiles and turn them in as soon as possible. She also stated that Senators need to log in their hours. She is in the process of making a contact list and the Senators needed to make corrections on their information if needed. Vice President Denton said that she needed Senator Burdette's schedule.

C. Secretary Ambriz --New Senator Applications for Committees --Committee Chairs for existing Senators:

A. Admissions and Academic--Dennis Hayslett
B. Athletic--Gail Gruber
C. Child Care/ECPC--Terry Anderson
D. Curriculum and Instruction--Rick Johnson
E. Discipline--Dr. Lopez
F. Evaluation--Dr. Saunders
G. Graduate Council--Dr. Vowell
H. Health Advisory--Griffon Campbell
I. Instructional Resource--D. Medin
J. Student Activities--Maria Rolfe
K. Student Aid--Charnelle Escobedo
L. Teacher Education--Andres Rodriguez
M. Heather in regard to the Freshman Seminar, I will let you know tomorrow because me and Tina Rippa already discussed it.

--Information about Senate Meetings

A. Barbara James said that on Sept. 26 that the room will be used until 2100
B. Also, Barbara said that on Wed. Nov. 21 there is no school

--Need to talk to Senator Rice after meeting in regard to the Record

A. First issue out on Sept. 19

--Senate Hours need to be filled in. The binder is in my office and I would like to thank Pro Tempore Preston for making new folders. The following are lacking even one description in the binder.

A. Senator Bruchhauser
B. Senator Burdette
C. Floor Leader Gomez
D. Senator Goodliffe
E. Senator Ortiz
F. Senator Powers
G. Pro Tempore Preston
H. Senator/Secretary Rice
I. Senator Romano
J. Senator Talimatasi
K. Senator Zankich
--Thank you to Senator Franzoy, Senator Jensen, Senator Spur for filling out your recorded hours.
--Key Check out policy.

D. Treasurer Castillo briefly spoke about Senate Rule #9 regarding scholarships.

E. Attorney General Hazlett announced that the ASWNMU is now allowed to donate money to individuals who need it. He strongly urged that the Senate allocate money to Maria Giraldo for her trip to India.

F. Governmental Affairs Director Rutherford announced that he has been in contact with the New Mexico Legislative. He is allowed $5,000.00 for the year and he needs suggestions from the Senate as to what to lobby for.

G. Public Relations Officer Bocanegra said that the Senate needs to pick up raffle tickets to sell next week on Wednesday.

VII. Old Business
A. President Zuniga stated that the Student Publications Board should be appointed with or without Editor Milligan's input. Nominees for the Student Publications Board are; Secretary Erin Denton, Resident Hall student Rebecca Burdette, Athletic Student Brooke Hughes, and Students at Large Veronica Mitchell and Zeke Hazlett. Pro Tempore Preston moved to approve the Student Publication Board appointments. Senator Ortiz seconded. The motion carried 14-0.

VIII.New Business
A. Dr. Gilbert talked about the Assessment test given to WNMU students in April of 2001. She said that there were 944 students who participated in the study. The results of the survey were handed out to all of the Senate. The date of this years Assessment Test is February 20 and 21, 2002.

B. Club Recognition

  1. The SAM Club was represented by Michelle Carrillo. She stated that they would be helping out with Paint the "W".
  2. The Delta Mu Delta was also represented by Michelle Carrillo. This club will also be helping with Paint the "W".
  3. The Native American Club was represented by Senator Jensen.
  4. Sports Medicine Club was represented by Chris Crater.
  5. The MECHA Club was represented by Public Relations Officer Bocanegra.

    Pro Tempore Preston moved to approve the SAM Club, Delta Mu Delta, Native American Club, Sports Medicine Club, and MECHA. Floor Leader Gomez seconded. Motion carried 14-0.

C. Treasurer Castillo stated that he is purchasing business cards for the Executive Counsel and the Senate. He is requesting allocation for $254.62. There was a debate regarding the purchasing business cards. A few Senators announced their disapproval of the purchase. Senator Romano moved to approve $254.62 for business cards. Senator Ortiz seconded. The motion carried 11-3.

D. Associated Students of New Mexico [ASNM] President was called on the speakerphone and spoke on behalf of ASNM. There are dues of $350.00 to be a member. The ASNM Conference is in Socorro, New Mexico, the weekend of Thursday, September 20, 2001, through Sunday, September 23, 2001. President Zuniga requested $359.55 for a hotel for the conference. Floor Leader Gomez moved to approve $359.55 for the Conference. Senator Ortiz seconded. The motion carried 14-0.

E. President Zuniga announced that Homecoming is only four weeks away and the ASWNMU needs to get started on ordering. She requested $1100.00 for the Homecoming festivities. Floor Leader Gomez moved to approve $1100.00 for Homecoming. Senator Ortiz seconded. Motion carried 14-0.

F. President Zuniga announced that one person has been nominated for Hall of Fame.

IX. Announcements
A. Vice President Denton announced the next meeting for September 26, 2001, at 8:30 PM in the Senate Chambers.

B. Pro Tempore Preston stated that the Senators needed to stay after meeting to decide on a caucus meeting time and date.

C. Maria Rolfe announced that there will be a Candlelight Vigil in remembrance of the victims of Tuesdays attack on New York and Washington D.C.

D. Vice President Denton announced that there will be a blood drive the following Monday and Tuesday.

E. President Zuniga announced that Senator Altamirano donated an American flag and a New Mexico flag for the Senate chambers.

X. Adjournment
A. Senator Romano moved to adjourn and Senator Rice seconded. Motion carried 14-0.

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