Self Care Kit

Over the years we have noted that there are items that many students do not bring with them to college.  These would usually be found in your home “medicine cabinet” but do not make the college packing list.  While we welcome questions and are available to see students for urgent care, we also believe that it is important to learn and utilize appropriate self-care measures.  Managing common illnesses and navigating the healthcare system may be some of the challenges a college student faces for the first time once they arrive at college.  We will do our best to support and education and these items may help you:

· Digital thermometer

· Small amount of common over-the-counter medications:

        Tylenol or ibuprofen for pain and fever

        Antibiotic cream or gel, i.e., Bacitracin or Neosporin

        Anti-diarrheal medication, i.e., Pepto-Bismol

        Anti-acid medication, i.e., Tums

        Cough syrup with Guiafenesin

        Antihistamine, i.e., Benedryl

·  Reusable ice pack

· Reusable hot pack or heating pad/hot water bottle

· Band aids

· Small bottle of antibacterial hand gel to be carried in back pack


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