The use of alcohol is prohibited on University property, except as authorized herein.† For the purposes of this policy, the use of alcohol refers to the service and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages.† This policy governs the use of alcohol on University property.† It applies to students, student organizations, faculty, staff, University departments, and other entities and visitors.† This policy applies to property owned, leased, or operated by the University, and to all events sponsored by the University or its sub-units.† It does not apply to property owned by the University and leased to others, unless it would otherwise apply.

Western New Mexico University recognizes that alcohol abuse is a persistent social and health problem of major proportions in society.† The University also recognizes that diversity of opinion and freedom of choice are the foundations of institutions of higher education, and that the use of alcoholic beverages by those of legal age is a matter of personal choice.† Individuals who choose to use alcohol on University property must comply with state law and University policies and procedures, and conduct themselves responsibly, mindful of the rights of others.

Use of Alcoholic Beverages

University employees are prohibited from drinking alcoholic beverages or being under the influence of alcoholic beverages during working hours, or while operating or riding in a University vehicle.† The use of alcohol on University property is prohibited except as follows. Alcohol may be used at receptions or other social functions sponsored and approved by the University President in advance, in writing.† Such events should normally involve special guests of the University or otherwise be a non-routine occurrence, such as a reception for visiting dignitaries or a reception in connection with an academic conference.† The reception or function must be by invitation only and held in a location that can reasonably be closed to the public.† The following additional restrictions apply: 

Alcohol may be used for research, demonstration, or educational functions in a University alcohol awareness/treatment program.† Such functions must be approved in advance, in writing, by the President.

Alcohol may be used at the University President's house by its residents and their guests.

State Law

State law governs many aspects of the consumption and serving of alcohol.† All individuals who use and/or serve alcohol on University property must comply with the applicable legal requirements.

Approved 9/15/98

Purchase of Alcohol

The purchase of alcohol with University funds is prohibited except as follows:

Alcohol may be purchased for hospitality events for guests of the University; however, payment or reimbursement for the purchase of alcohol shall not be made from instructional, student fees, or contract and grant funds.

Alcohol may be purchased for research, demonstration, or educational functions in a University alcohol awareness/treatment program.† The purchase must be approved in advance, in writing, by the Purchaing Agent after recommendation by the cognizant dean or director.


Request for Approval

The Presidentís Office must complete a Request to Serve Beer or Wine on University prior to the reception or function.† If an entity outside the University co-sponsors an event, the co-sponsor must obtain liquor liability insurance in the amounts required by the University.† Proof of insurance must be sent to Uni