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Content Policy

Content on the Mustang Express can be reviewed at any time by the Webmaster to ensure compatibility within these guidelines. Availability of content within the Mustang Express does not, in any way imply that the institution or Webmaster agrees with posted content. The Webmaster reserves the right to revoke pages, especially if the contents violate the spirit of these rules:

The Laws of the United States

The Laws of the State of New Mexico

The Policies and Procedures of the WNMU Board of Regents

The Policies and Procedures of the WNMU Administration

Content on the Mustang Express portal must conform to all Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) guidelines.

If, based on these rules or your own point of view, you feel that the contents of a page violates the integrity of the server, please contact the user responsible for the page (if possible) and if necessary the Webmaster.

It is commonly understood that advertising, publicity for non-educational purposes indecent or denigrating links, e.g. pornography, or those things not in keeping with the thematic goals of an educational institution will not be allowed on this site.

Information that is stored on any of the WNMU portal servers should NOT be considered private. All information on WNMU computers is considered to be the property of WNMU, not that of the user. Although WNMU does its best to secure these servers, WNMU is not responsible for any offenses against users due to stolen information.

Approved By: The Policy Committee

Date: 6/17/03