Student Evaluation of Faculty Procedures for Information Transfer

1. Student evaluations will be administered under control of the department secretary in accordance with information provided.

2. Information systems will process the evaluations and return to academic affairs in a timely fashion.

3. The Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for returning completed and scored materials to the department offices. Except in exceptional circumstances, the information will be returned to departments within seven working days of receipt.

4. Evaluation materials are to be stored in locked departmental files. Department members may view their own evaluations from the original sheets on a sign‑out basis from the department chair. The department chair will also have access to the evaluation materials.

5. In cases of very small classes or majors, or if there is concern that anonymity may be bridged, the department may choose to type the student responses under the supervision of the department chair. If significant concerns are raised within academic affairs regarding certain classes or instructors, departments may be asked to provide word‑processed materials for the class(es) and/or instructor(s).

Approved: August 18, 1998
By: Policy Committee