Effective July 1, 2004, Professional Teaching Staff (PTS) members will follow the WNMU Staff Handbook for all policies and procedures along with following revisions and additions to the section under Employee Benefits and Payroll Deductions titled Earned Leave, pages 54-57.

The supervisors of each program will be held responsible for the proper record keeping of earned leave for the Professional Teaching Staff (PTS) employees. Any PTS employee absence during the ninety-day trial period will be charged to Leave Without Pay (LWOP). During the 90-day trial period, no leave will be accrued. Upon completion of the trial period (90 days), earned personal leave will be one day per month for the remainder of the contract period. A designated employee will be responsible for record keeping and providing accurate leave balances to the program and the PTS members. A report will be sent to Human Resources that reflect leave balances as of 30 June each year. The report will be received in the Human Resources office by 15 July and will be in a format approved by Human Resources.

Personal Leave:
The Early Childhood Programs (ECP) recognizes the value of providing paid leave to its employees. In addition to providing paid holidays for all regular employees, PTS members will be provided with one Personal Leave Day per month of the contract period.

Definition of Earned Personal Leave:
1. Personal Leave is awarded at the beginning of the contract year.
2. One day of Personal Leave per contract month is awarded.

Accrual Rate:
PTS employees will accumulate personal leave equivalent to the hours of the contract day. (A 4 hour day for a four hour employee, an 8 hour day for eight hour employee, etc.) Employees may accrue up to twenty days Personal Leave with a maximum of ten days allowed to roll over each contract year. Supervisors will encourage PTS employees to use Personal Leave prior to reaching maximum accrual allowed. Upon termination of employment, unused personal days will be paid up to a maximum of 10 contract days.

Departmental Leave Bank:
A Departmental Leave Bank will be developed and maintained by the ECP to hold the excess earned sick days that were accumulated prior to July 1, 2004. Each PTS member with an excess of ten days of accrued sick leave will have these days place in the Departmental Bank in the employee’s name for use in case of emergency. In case a PTS member has exhausted their Leave time, other PTS members may donate banked time with a written request to the supervisor.

The Early Childhood Programs provides for paid holidays for all regular employees. Professional Teaching Staff members who work at the Child Development Center will follow the campus academic schedule for holidays. PTS members who work in programs associated with Silver Consolidated School District will work in accordance with the Board approved SCSD calendar, as scheduled, which includes holidays paid. The supervisors of each program will schedule additional staff development days at his/her discretion.

Salary Increases:

To be eligible for salary increases, PTS members must be employed for one full contract year. Increases will only occur at the beginning of contract years and not in the middle of a contract period.

Educational Increases:
PTS members will receive salary increases according to the approved Early Childhood Programs Professional Teaching Staff Salary Schedule. Credit hours earned, and degree coursework must be completed in the spring semester of each academic year in order to move to the next salary level for the following contract year.

Legislative Increases:
In years when the University receives legislative appropriations for salary increases, PTS members who are not receiving increases for educational levels will receive an increase commensurate with the University increase if funds are available with in the Program budget.

PTS members are not eligible for educational increases and legislative increases in the same contract year.


In cases where PTS employees are hired under grant funding, personal days will not be allowed to roll over to new contract years. Personal Leave must be used prior to the end of each fiscal year.

In cases where these policies conflict in an unanticipated way with the University Staff Handbook, the Handbook will prevail.

Approved By: The Policy Committee
Date: June 3, 2004