1. Keys are issued to individuals, not departments, the person signing for the keys will be responsible for the keys if lost or stolen.
  2. Keys are issued and transferred through the maintenance department after a key request form has been filled out and approved by the building supervisor.
  3. The Director of the Physical Plant is authorized to issue keys to the custodial and maintenance staff that are required to perform the daily maintenance and upkeep of the university facilities.


STEP 1. Key request forms can be picked up at the Maintenance Office. The form must be filled out with all information and signed by the building supervisor prior to keys being issued.

STEP 2. Keys are to be picked up at the Maintenance Office. The keys can only be picked up by the person to whom the keys are issued. Please allow a minimum of two (2) working days in which to duplicate the keys. Employees may want to call ahead to be sure that they are ready. Ext. 6470.

STEP 3. Lost or stolen keys are to be reported immediately to Campus Police, the Maintenance Office, and the building supervisor. For the maintenance department to reissue keys, the employee must first:

  1. Pay for the lost or stolen key(s) at the Business Office.

    Master Key $50.00 each
    Outside Key $25.00 each
    Inside Key $10.00 each
    Re-Keyed Cylinder $35.00 each
    Replacement keys for re-keyed cylinders - See cost above.

  2. Show receipt to the Maintenance Personnel to verify payment has been made.
  3. Follow steps 1 and 2 again.

If the building supervisor, at his/her discretion, deems it necessary to have the building, room, etc. re-keyed, a memo requesting the re-key needs to be sent to the Vice President for Business Affairs for approval.

These steps, if followed, should allow for the distribution of keys to function smoothly. We do ask that everyone plan ahead and prepare key request forms for the new staff, faculty and students.


STEP 1. Take the keys to the Maintenance Office personnel who will verify the keys being returned. They will sign and date the key request form and give the employee a copy of it.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Approved by: Policy Committee
Date: February 7, 2000