Effective June 1st, 1999, the mailroom will no longer be delivering mail and/or packages to the Housing Office for the students that live in the Dorms [Ritch Hall, Eckles Hall and Centennial Hall].

The new Campus Post Office will be opened in the Old Student Memorial Building in what was the “Cooler”. Students will pick up their mail and packages at the “Campus Post Office”.

Students will have the opportunity to buy stamps through a Postage Stamp machine provided at no cost from the US Post Office of Silver City. We currently have a new Coke vending machine and hope to have a Pepsi and candy machine in the near future.


The Campus Post Office lobby hours will be from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily, Monday through Friday and 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM on Saturday. It will be closed on Sunday.


We will assign a Post Office box and issue one [1] key per box to each student who lives in the above dorms. The student, upon his/her completion of the University Housing process, will be given Post Office Key Request Form. This form must be brought to the Purchasing Department to be issued a box and corresponding key. Student will sign for the key at the time of issuing.


Please notify the Purchasing office ASAP if a key is lost. To uphold security, we will change the lock as soon as we are notified. If the student loses his/her key, there will be a charge of $25.00. The Housing office will charge the student’s account and notify the Purchasing office. The Purchasing office will again assign a new key to the Post Office box, and the student must sign for the new key at the time of issuing.


The mailroom personnel will pick up the mail daily at the city Post Office. We will have the daily mail sorted and delivered to the appropriate boxes no later than 11:00 AM each business day. Please insure that the student’s name and campus box number is on all incoming mail. This will be a big help for the mailroom personnel.


In the Campus Post Office, as you walk in the room, there are 3 slotted openings. The one that concerns the students with outgoing mail is the one marked STAMPED. Students can send off personnel mail if inserted in this slot. If mail is inserted by mistake and it does not have a stamp, in any of the other two slots, it will be returned to the sender through his/her Campus Post Office box. All outgoing mail delivered to the Campus Post Office before 2:00 PM will be sorted and delivered to the city Post Office by 4:00 PM. Any mail delivered to the Campus Post Office after the 2:00 PM deadline will be sorted and delivered to the city Post Office the next business day. There is a US Postal Drop Box located at the South West corner of the Administration Building if the student misses the deadline at the Campus Post Office.


When packages arrive for the students we will notify them by inserting a card in their box. They need to bring this card either to the Purchasing office or the Mailroom office to pick up their package. All packages are secured behind a locked door until they are picked up.


We understand that there will be mail and packages for those students that stay here for the holidays.

We will post the Holiday Hours in the lobby of the Campus Post Office when the University is to be closed for extended periods of time.

Approved by: Policy Committee
Date: December 6, 1999