Exempt Employees:

Exempt staff will be paid twice a month effective July 1, 2003.  The employees’ paydays will be on the 15th and the last working day of each month.  

Non-Exempt Employees:

Non-Exempt staff are paid according to the schedule available in Human Resources and the Payroll Office. Timesheets are to be submitted on the due date listed on the Payroll Schedule.  If a timesheet is submitted in Payroll after the due date, the employee will be paid within 2 or 3 days after the scheduled payday.   No overtime will be paid until a timesheet is submitted with proper approval.  Non-Exempt Overtime compensation is paid according to each work week which starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday for a complete 7 day work week.  Overtime is based on actual work over 40 hours per week.

Direct Deposit

In initiating direct deposit, the employee is authorizing Western New Mexico University to initiate credit entries and pay funds into the aforementioned accounts.  The employee agrees to allow Western New Mexico University to stop payment or posting of, reverse or adjust any entry erroneously credited to his/her account. This authorization contained in the employees’ benefits file herein shall remain in full force and effect until Western New Mexico University has received notification in such time and manner as to afford Western New Mexico University a reasonable opportunity to act on it.   The employee acknowledges that the origination of Direct Deposit transactions to said account must comply with the provisions of United States Law.

Upon authorization of Direct Deposit, the first pay period following is pre-noted for confirmation with the bank and the employee will receive a paycheck.  The next payroll will be direct deposit.

When an employee who has direct deposit has been contacted by Human Resources to sign his/her additional contracts i.e. overload, supplemental, temporary and has not signed this contract in Human Resources within a timely manner (10 days).  The employee will be subject to having his/her direct deposit stopped until such time as the contract has been signed. 

Approved by:  Policy Committee

                            December 13, 2004