Addendum to Procurement Policy


Anti Donation Guidelines for Public Funds (Agency Funds are not Public Funds)


Gifts:  Faculty/Staff/Students – Gift of nominal value (not to exceed $75) can be given.  Gifts should relate to the mission of the University or the function of the individual.  Under no circumstances can cash be given.


Gifts:  Public Individuals – Public funds can be used to pay travel, lodging and meals for the individual if the trip is related to WNMU’s constitutional mission.  Public funds can also be used for reasonable refreshments, decorations, and entertainment and can be used to give gifts of value that is commensurate with the value the individual is adding to the University.


Awards:  Faculty/Staff – Awards can be given prospectively.  Awards cannot be given for services previously rendered.  Monetary awards will become part of the compensation package for the individual for the next fiscal year and will cease to be paid if employment is terminated.  The individual will also have the ability to use the funds for University travel or supplies if he/she so chooses.  Refreshments for University Meetings/Activities – Public Funds can be used for refreshments, decorations and entertainment for functions that relate to WNMU’s constitutional mission.  Birthday cakes and similar items are not allowed.


Scholarships – Public Funds cannot be used to fund scholarships unless a formal scholarship program is established.  To be permissible a scholarship must be for the purpose of obtaining public education provided by a governmental entity, awarded in accordance with a rational and even-handed policy, and within the granting agency’s constitutional or statutory authority.


Membership Dues Employees  -- Public Funds can be used to pay membership dues for employees if it is part of their employment contract and the membership supports the University’s Constitutional Mission.


Ticket Purchases:  Faculty/Staff – Public Funds cannot be used to purchase entertainment tickets of any kind (to include sporting event tickets).


Ticket Purchases:  Students – Public Funds can be used to purchase entertainment tickets for students if the event is related to the student’s educational program.



Approved By:  Policy Committee

Date:                 8/19/03