Emergency Care

WNMU Student Health Services does not provide coverage after hours.  If you feel you are ill and cannot wait until the next day during normal business hours, please go to the Gila Regional Medical Center Emergency Room at 1313 32nd Street, Silver City, NM. 

If you feel it is a medical emergency, call 911 any time day or night. 


If you have questions regarding medication, you may call WNMU Student Health Services at 575-538-6014 or email shc@wmnu.edu or Silver Rexall Drug at 585-388-1579.


What To Do In An Emergency

Depending upon the nature, location, and timing of an emergency, your options are:

· Call Campus Police who will assess the situation, contact the counselor-on-call, and, if necessary, have the person transported to a hospital for care and treatment:  575-538-6231.

· Dial 911 to summon the Silver City Police  who will assess the situation and, if necessary, arrange for transportation of the person to a  hospital for care and treatment.

· Call the University Counseling Center (Monday—Friday 9am to 4pm) 575-538-6014.  After hours, the phone message will tell you to call Campus Police at 575-538-6231 to reach the counselor-on-call.

· After hours, Border Area Mental Healtha licensed telephone crisis service, provides referrals, crisis counseling, mobile teams, and information:  1-800-426-0997.

· Go to Gila Regional Medical Center at 1313 32nd Street, Silver City, NM.