Family Planning

Family Planning services are provided through Title X, a federal grant. Family Planning and services provided are discussed at:



Available without prescription for women ≥ 17 years of age, and by prescription for those under 17. ECP is covered by Medicaid insurance. While we encourage our female clients to avail themselves of future use emergency contraceptive at clinic visits, we inform clients that a national website is available for clients needing ECP on evenings and weekends. (This website is operated by the Office of Population Research at Princeton University and by the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals and has no connection with any pharmaceutical company or for-profit organization. This website is peer reviewed by a panel of independent experts.)


Contraception/Fertility Applications for Smartphones

Applications (apps) for Smartphones (iPhone, Android-based) provide a modern tool for those interested in using fertility-based awareness as part of their contraception or pregnancy planning. These tools may be used to:

         avoid pregnancy using natural methods (contraception) e.g. teens who are not ready to take hormonal contraceptives and would like to continue using barrier method(s), this will help enhance the efficacy of the barrier method(s);

         maximize the chances of conceiving a baby/getting pregnant;

         help plan (e.g., travel with future menstruation and ovulation dates predicted);


         track weight, headache, appetite, PMS and other menstrual symptoms.

Click here for selected features and a sample of free apps (except those with a price notation) available.