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Student Health Services

Office Hours:   Mon—Fri  9am—4pm

147 Juan Chacon

147 Juan Chacon

Office Hours: Mon—Fri  9am—4pm

Juan Chacon Bldg, Suite 147

575-538-6014   Fax: 575-538-6017

575-538-6014   Fax: 575-538-6017

575-538-6014  Fax: 575-538-6017

Provides health care for acute, minor ailments including family planning and routine gynecologic care.  Title X grant funding provides pregnancy testing, pap smears, STD checks, and most birth control options for qualified students.   Student fees pay for 5 medical visits per semester.  Thereafter, services are $15.00 per visit.


Assists students to adapt to college life, using group, individual, and family counseling.  More extensive treatment is referred to other agencies and services in the community.  Student fees pay for 15 counseling visits per semester.  Thereafter, services are $15.00 per visit.

Provides support services, tools, and reasonable accommodations that allow students with disabilities to fully participate in the WNMU academic environment at no cost to the student.

Mon—Fri  9am to 4pm

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