January 2014

Spring Semester 2014 WNMU Student Health Services is going to launch a “pilot program”.

The extended campus personnel and students have asked for similar health services as are currently provided to students at the main campus. Of course those students whom are close by may still continue to be seen at the main campus in Silver City. We would like to propose a pilot program to provide five medical visits and fifteen counseling visits per student at each of the four extended sites. WNMU students whom have paid student fees are eligible to receive a fifteen dollar “co-pay” to see the provider of their choice in their home town. This would include fifteen counseling visits, and five medical visits. The student would be responsible to pay the co-pay (initially) and give Student Health Services their receipt (of the payment made). The business office would be given the information and the Student’s name. If any money was owed to the University it would first be applied toward the outstanding bill. If no money was owed then a check would be issued to the student.

To reiterate this is a “pilot program” for spring 2014, WNMU Student Health Services is working to make the student fees we receive equitable to all that pay.  We want to make this work; we need your support to continue to provide the best care.


WNMU Student Health Services would like to welcome everyone back; we are looking toward the future, and know that college for many students can be stressful. We have provided some links for those students who are interested in understanding health care insurance and the different types of coverage options available. Please find the resource guide for students that catalog common terminology, plan options, coverage types, and resources that help in understanding the Affordable Care Act.