The start date of the WNMU Museum Revitalizing History Project is but one week away! The WNMU Museum will close for renovation beginning 17 July 2006.  Museum staff will be working in the museum during the duration of the renovation on a number of projects, the most important of which are maintaining museum, collections, and staff safety and security, and moving the contents of rooms, including collections, out of the way of the contractors.

Work Schedules:
17 July through 21 July 2006: WNMU Museum staff will be on a regular work schedule, 8 hours per day Monday-Friday. The WNMU Museum is closed to all visitors.
Monday, 24 July 2006 until further notice: To accommodate the contractor, all WNMU Museum professional staff will work a 10 hours per day (7 A.M. - 5:30 P.M.), 4 days per week—Monday through Thursday—schedule for the duration of the construction project. Academic schedule permitting, student staff will work within the 4 days per week, 10 hours per day schedule.  The museum is closed to all visitors.

Access to the Museum during Closure:
Security measures will be in full force during the WNMU Museum’s closure.  Entry to the museum is available only to WNMU Museum staff and student workers, particular WNMU Maintenance employees, and contractors and representatives of Lynco Electric, Redford Associates, and Ken Champlin Engineering.   ntry to WNMU Museum by individuals other than WNMU Museum staff and student workers will be available only through the Alabama Street entrance and will be monitored by WNMU Museum staff.  A photographic identification issued by WNMU Campus Security in cooperation with WNMU Museum is required for entry into the Museum.  The photo ID must be worn and displayed at all times while in the WNMU Museum.  Entry without photo ID will not be permitted.

Access to Collections during Closure:
Collections will be in secure storage within the museum during the renovation project and access to collections will not be available beginning 17 July 2006.  It is anticipated that access to collections will be available in January 2007.  Research and access to museum collections is by appointment only.  Individuals requesting access to collections must submit a formal letter of intent and a Visiting Researcher Information form available online at www.wnmu.edu/univ/museum.htm#17.  Forms can be submitted to bettisonc@wnmu.edu during construction; however, research requests will not be processed until December 2006.

Deliveries (Mailroom and other):
During the week of 17 July 2006 please deliver to the front entrance (10th Street side within the campus) of the WNMU Museum.  Please call 575-538-6386 or 575-574-2779 prior to delivery to ensure staff is available.

Beginning Monday, 24 July 2006 please deliver to the Alabama Street entrance of the WNMU Museum between 7 A.M. and 5:30 P.M. Monday through Thursday until further notice.

Contacting Museum Staff:
WNMU Museum staff will not be regularly responding to e-mails or answering phones during the project due to the possibility of intermittent or continuous electrical shutdown, and the need to move the contents of rooms and exhibition cases out of the way of the contractors.  Messages can be left at the main office line 575-538-6386, which has been re-routed to an electrical room in the Museum.  Emergency contact numbers are: 575-574-2779 for Dr. Cynthia Bettison and 575-313-7009 for Karen Rossman.