"Development of the intellectual powers through education and educational institutions contribute more towards making life's pathway smoother than all else." -John J. Bell, Member of Board of School Examiners Grant County, Territory of New Mexico

"Sixteen hours by rail from the city of Santa Fe, in the land of sunshine, in the land of happiness, nesting in the foot of the mountains, and along side of mountains green, lies the city of Silver with its avenues broad, its streets stone paved, the hotels of brick and stone, its churches and grand schoolhouse, with its princely National Bank building, its stately temple of justice, all of the modern improvements of civilization." -William Burns, New Mexico Territorial Assembly, February 13, 1891

"Silver City is justly proud of her school and spares no expense in keeping it up." -The Silver City Enterprise, July 1892

"A people that take no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors will never achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants." -Lord Thomas B. Macaulay, Illustrated History of New Mexico, 1895

"Why continue to complain about the location of the Normal School building? Its position is a fixture, accept it. Its not half so hard on weaklings as some would have us to believe. With little expense on the building may be as approachable as other portions of the city. We need less complaints and more manly pride exercised in the way of street improvement by people of Silver City and problems will be solved." -Normal Quarterly, Vol2, June 1985, No.6.

"Although the frontier mining town of Silver City had laid strong claims to house the School of Mines, she was rewarded with a School of Minds." -Silver City Enterprise, 1899

"May the work of these who may here instruct, as well as that of those who may here receive instruction, when tried by the Grand Master of Heaven and Earth, be like the cornerstone we have formed: true and trusty!" -Silver City Attorney A.H, Harllee

"As long as the interest of the school are constantly increasing, there is every reason to believe it will become, ere long, one of the most important institutions in the country." -Dr. Charles M. Light, 1st Governing Administrative Officer, 1908

"To the Class of 1923: We've worked as one; We've played as one. As one we've reached our goal; And now we leave the Normal hill; The Purple and The Gold. -Elizabeth Hunt, 1923 Graduate

"The Training School was a red brick Gothic Style just like "Old Main", I can still remember the well oiled wooden floors. It was ruled by Miss Mary Oliver, the principal. She, a thin bird-like lady, with one look from her cold blue eyes, had the power to strike terror in the breast of any child who had transgressed." -Anne Bowden Troost

Old Brady Magers liven in a shoe;
He had so many on the football team
He didn't know what to do
So he shut his eyes and took his pick
And drew a team that no one could lick!
-created by Students in honor of
Coach Brady Magers' efforts 1923


Listen my dears, and you shall hear
of the famous athletes of this year.
T'was the fall of '34
when STC began to score.
Brancheau came from Notre Dame,
thought he'd coach our boys to fame.
"Western, Ho!" He bravely cried,
"Give us room and step aside."
The town turned out, a 100 strong
to help the worthy cause along.
The cheering pep squad did its part
to give boys a flying start.
We won most games, and lost a few,
but showed our rivals a thing or two.
We're not conceited, but you must agree,
that we have swell athletes, you can see.
-Patty Vencill, alumna
Published in The Mustang


"I was washing dishes in Ritch Hall for 25 cents an hour and all meals as a workstudy for Miss Adelaide Glaser. I was later fired for completeing an hour of work in 45 minutes. No one ever complained the pots and pans were dirty!" -Gale Besse, a nephew of Captain Besse, on what he was doing when he heard that Pealr Harbor had been bombed.

"Uneasy lie the heads of all who rule; the worst of all whose kingdom is a school." -John Lyly, Normalite, 1910

"Being blind is not a handicap for teachers and other professionals. Teaching doesn't take your eyes; it takes what's inside you." -Adelmo Vigil, 1972 graduate of WNMU, shared his thoughts with the Farmington News in March1984.

"We've spent 1993 acknowledging our accomplishments over the past 100 years. Now we look to the future with enthusiasm and confidence." -John E. Counts, President Western New Mexico University