WNMU Plant Taxonomy Class/Lab Fall 2018 with Russ Kleinman

Potentilla thurberi Gray

Schedule for Plant Tax 2018
Field Collecting Instructions 2018
Plant Taxonomy Syllabus Fall 2018
Collection Label Template Fall 2018
Plant Taxonomy-- Intro
Principles of Plant Systematics I
Principles of Plant Systematics II
Morphology of Vegetative Structures I & II
Floral Morphology I & II
The Angiosperm Life Cycle
Inflorescence, Fruits & Seeds
Molecular Systematics
Overview of Green Plant Phylogeny
Lycophytes & Ferns
ANA Grade
C2 C3 C4 and CAM
Core Eudicots-- Caryophyllales
Core Eudicots-- Asterids I
Core Eudicots-- Asterids II
Core Eudicots-- Rosids
Basal Eudicots
Making Herbarium Labels
Monocots I
Monocots II