Vascular Plants of the Gila Wilderness

Presented in Association with the
Western New Mexico University Department of Natural Sciences

Agrostis stolonifera Linnaeus
(Creeping Bentgrass)

Family: Poaceae

Status: Exotic

Agrostis alba of numerous authors
Agrostis palustris Hudson
Agrostis stolonifera Linnaeus var. palustris (Hudson) Farwell

Agrostis stolonifera is similar to Agrostis gigantea, but the panicles are mostly contracted when mature, and not more than 1.5 cm across after anthesis. Both species are tall, over 40 cm in height. Agrostis stolonifera is an introduced perennial.
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Agrostis stolonifera, photo Russ Kleinman & Kelly Kindscher (GNPS Field Trip), Lake Roberts, July 15, 2007

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