Vascular Plants of the Gila Wilderness

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Western New Mexico University Department of Natural Sciences

Euphorbia exstipulata Engelmann
(Square Seed Spurge)

Family: Euphorbiaceae

Status: Native

Euphorbia exstipulata Engelmann var. exstipulata
Euphorbia exstipulata Engelmann var. lata Warnock & M.C. Johnst.

Euphorbia exstipulata in an upright herbaceous annual with opposite leaves and pubescent herbage. Each cyathium has five glands and each gland has a pink tinged whitish petaloid appendage. E. cuphosperma looks somewhat similar in habit, but each of its cyathia has one gland that never has a petaloid appendage. Euphorbia exstipulata is found at middle elevation in the Gila, but apparently is found lower in elevation elsewhere in southern New Mexico. Many thanks to Patrick Alexander for correctly identifying this plant!
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Euphorbia exstipulata, photo Russ Kleinman & Richard Felger, Silver City Range, McComas Peak, Sept. 9, 2011

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