Vascular Plants of the Gila Wilderness

Presented in Association with the
Western New Mexico University Department of Natural Sciences
& the Dale A. Zimmerman Herbarium

Faces of the Gila

Dr. William R. Norris Bill on Cliff Not a Friendly Face Jack & Martha Carter, & Janet Gilchrist
John & Don at Burro Mtn.Homestead Walt Lafleur Jimmie Alexander Scott Zager at Brock Hot Spring
Carol Watson Brand Kelly Kindscher Scott Zager Bill on Apache Pk.
Winter Botanist Russ Kleinman and Java Wise Face Karen Blisard
Russ at Wild Horse Marian Zimmerman Gene & Betty Jercinovic Jimmy Stewart
Dr. Dale Zimmerman Andy Anderson Leggy One Big Foot
Blackhawk Perched Shy Face Richard Felger Joann Oldham
Asteraceae Workshop 2007 Elroy Limmer Deming Gustafson Bug Eyes
Hillary Loring Warty Face Denise Friedrick Charles Holmes
GNPS Field Trip Rocky Cyn.'07 Isabel Campbell Leuche Allen Campbell Carla Campbell
Eric Siegel George & Linda Farmer Leith Young Carey Anne Lafferty
Danielle Walkup & Kelly Kindscher Al Wheeler at City of Rocks Kelly Kindscher & Monster Boletes Green Face
Maggie Riggs atop Knight Mtn. Shawn White at Wild Horse Cyn. Kevin Keith at Apache Box Sarah Johnson at Apache Box
Nervous Faces (Elk) Lizzie (Crevice Spiny) Botanist's Paradise? Chris & Paul Haese
DeWitt & Vivian Ivey at Pueblo Pk. Bob Sivinski at Pueblo Pk. Chef Spellenberg at Pueblo Pk. Maia & Bisco at Pueblo Pk.
Patrick Alexander Patrick's Friend Donovan Bailey Athyrium Man
T(urtle)-Rex Jack Barragan Antilocapra americana (Pronghorn) Ferruginous Face
Frank Kirschner at 93 (Dec 17, 09) Cootie Face Carolyn Dodson Barbara Weintraub
Old Man River Betsy at the Garden Perk Ben Wilder at Rain Creek
Ken Heil at Nun Overlook Steve O'Kane at Nun Overlook Don Farrar at Redstone Trailhead Cindy Johnson at Redstone Trailhead
Steve Popovich at Redstone Trailhead Al Schneider at Redstone Trailhead Keller Suberkropp at Redstone Tr. Steve Reed at Sandy Point
Bullheaded One WNMU 2010 Plant Tax Class Lesley Mansfield & Dorothy Dare Karen and Kelly at Myer Cyn.
Karen and Kelly at Myer Cyn. Tom Rosburg Cassie Hodge at Brock Cyn. Leslie Griffith at Brock Cyn.
Lori Skinner on Trail 79 Jim O'Hara on McComas Peak Patrice & Ella Jaz Ella Jaz
Ellas caterpillar WNMU 2011 Plant Tax Class Wynn Anderson on fern hill Karen on Signal Peak
GNPS Moss Workshop spring 2012 John Dunne-Brady at Railroad Cyn Jeff, Allison & John with a 'wort Kirsten Romig, Misha & Casey
Don Hobbs at Fox Peak Lookout Jack Carter on Signal Peak Pam Groves on Signal Peak Julie on Signal Peak
Irene on Signal Peak Keller on Signal Peak Donna Stevens on Signal Peak Ron Groves on Signal Peak
Jim Verrier at Railroad Cyn Erin & Jason at Pancho Canyon Tim Geddes at City of Rocks Dee & Roger at Signal Peak
WNMU Dendro 2012 George Ferguson at Wildhorse Cyn Richard Felger at Wildhorse Cyn Las Cruces NPS August 2013
WNMU Plant Tax 2013 Daniela Roth at North Percha WNMU Plant Tax 2014 Linda Ferrara on Apache Peak
WNMU Plant Tax 2015 Bill Norris at City of Rocks Garrett Hall and Bill at City of Rocks Plant Tax 2016
WNMU Plant Tax 2017 Mary Dowse at Hell's Half Acre Eric Stewart & Karen at the Catwalk WNMU Plant Tax 2018
Timmy John Brinda Plant Tax 2019 Max Licher with Carex

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