Vascular Plants of the Gila Wilderness

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Western New Mexico University Department of Natural Sciences

Hopia obtusa (Kunth) Zuloaga & Morrone
(Vine Mesquite)

Family: Poaceae

Status: Native

Panicum obtusum Kunth

Hopia obtusa is most notable for the extraordinarily long stolons developed. They can be as long as 72 inches. The glumes are equal in length. This grass can be found covering large areas of the roadside or in low areas.
Hopia obtusa is one of the grasses known as the Paniceae tribe. There is only one fertile floret, but another floret is considered to be present but sterile and is represented by a lemma that is similar to the second glume in appearance.
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Hopia obtusa, photo Russ Kleinman, Pinos Altos Range, Pinos Altos, July 14, 2007

Hopia obtusa, detail of spikelet, photo Russ Kleinman, photo Russ Kleinman, Pinos Altos Range, Pinos Altos, Sept. 26, 2007

Hopia obtusa, long stolon, photo Russ Kleinman, Bear Mtn., Nov. 5, 2007

Hopia obtusa, demonstrating first glume/second glume/sterile lemma/fertile floret spikelet architecture, photo Russ Kleinman, Silver City, Ridge Road at Grant Cty/Silver City Airport, Sept. 9, 2009

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