Vascular Plants of the Gila Wilderness

Presented in Association with the
Western New Mexico University Department of Natural Sciences
& the Dale A. Zimmerman Herbarium

Plant identification is made much easier if you know to which family the plant belongs. This is facilitated by knowing the structure of the flower and fruit. Here are virtual flashcards to help remember the characteristics of many families of flowering plants. Click the "Show This Family" button once for the answers, and then click again for a new flashcard. Try to come up with the answers before clicking for them. The answers given are the most common for each family, but there are many exceptions or unusual combinations not shown here. There are over 70 of the common families found in the Gila Wilderness represented by a flashcard. Leave the text field as "Random" to continue using the flash cards. If you want to call up the card for a specific family, type that family name in the text field and click "Show This Family". Re-type the word "Random" into the text field to show random flashcards again. After clicking the "Show This Family" button, if you want to navigate away from this page to the page with the pix of that family, click the "Pix" button. You will then have to click the browser's "Back" button to return here. If you spell the name incorrectly or pick one for which we have not made a flashcard, it will not work. The two books we have used in making these flashcards are "Botany in a Day" by Thomas J. Elpel, and "Vascular Plant Taxomony" by Dirk Walters and David Keil. You must have JAVA enabled to see the flashcards.

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