Vascular Plants of the Gila Wilderness

Presented in Association with the
Western New Mexico University Department of Natural Sciences

Winter Twigs

Winter twigs of about 50 of the winter deciduous trees and shrubs that are found in the Gila National Forest are shown here. Most trees and shrubs can be identified even without leaves or flowers in the winter by the characteristic appearance of their winter twigs. The bud scales and leaf scars can be used as a "fingerprint" to identify them. This format makes it easy to compare the appearances of the bud scales, leaf scars, and other details. These pictures and more are available by clicking on the link to the webpage for a particular taxon. This page contains 3-4 Megs of graphics and may load slowly.
Please click on an image for a larger file.

Scientific & Common NamesCloseup of Winter TwigMacro of Lateral Bud & Leaf Scar
Acacia constricta var. paucispina
Western Whitethorn Acacia
Acer negundo
Box Elder
Ailanthus altissima
Tree of Heaven
Alnus oblongifolia
Arizona Alder
Aloysia wrightii
Wright's Beebrush
Amelanchier utahensis
Utah Serviceberry
Amorpha fruticosa
False Indigo
Anisacanthus thurberi
Desert Honeysuckle
Caesalpinia gilliesii
Paradise Flower
Celtis reticulata
Netleaf Hackberry
Chilopsis linearis
Desert Willow
Crataegus wootoniana
Wooton Hawthorn
Elaeagnus angustifolia
Russian Olive
Ephedra trifurca
Mormon Tea
Fendlera rupicola var. wrightii
Flourensia cernua
Forestiera pubescens
New Mexico Olive
Fouquieria splendens
Fraxinus velutina
Velvet Ash
Juglans major
Arizona Walnut
Lycium pallidum
Pale Wolfberry
Maclura pomifera
Osage Orange
Mimosa aculeaticarpa var. biuncifera
Wait a Bit
Mimosa dysocarpa
Velvetpod Mimosa
Morus microphylla
Littleleaf Mulberry
Platanus wrightii
Arizona Sycamore
Populus angustifolia
Narrow Leaved Cottonwood
Populus fremontii subsp. fremontii
Fremont's Cottonwood
Populus tremuloides
Quaking Aspen
Prosopis glandulosa var. torreyana
Honey Mesquite
Prunus americana
American Plum
Prunus serotina var. virens
Black Cherry
Prunus virginiana var. melanocarpa
Choke Cherry
Ptelea trifoliata subsp. pallida var. pallida
Quercus emoryi
Emory Oak
Quercus gambelii
Gambel Oak
Quercus grisea
Gray Oak
Rhus glabra
Smooth Sumac
Rhus microphylla
Littleleaf Sumac
Rhus trilobata
Ribes pinetorum
Orange Gooseberry
Ribes cereum
Wax Currant
Robinia neomexicana var. rusbyi
New Mexico Locust
Rosa woodsii var. woodsii
Wood's Rose
Salix exigua subsp. exigua
Coyote Willow
Salix gooddingii
Goodding's Willow
Salix irrorata
Bluestem Willow
Sambucus coerulea var. neomexicana
New Mexico Elder
Sapindus drummondii
Symphoricarpos rotundifolius
Roundleaf Snowberry
Tamarix chinensis
Salt Cedar
Ulmus pumila
Siberian Elm
Vitis arizonica
Canyon Grape

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