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Please note that our resources and policies limit us to providing assistance with University hardware and software only. However, we can provide assistance to students in on-campus housing using personal computers to connect to the University network, as well as providing troubleshooting assistance to all users connecting to Mustang Express and Canvas.
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How can I tell which Operating System I Have?

We regret that we are unable to offer support for operating systems other than Windows and MacintoshOS at this time.

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How Can I tell which Windows Operating System I Have?

The easiest way to tell which operating system you are using on a PC is to click on the Start button and read the text on the left hand side of the menu. If the Start menu is not available, then right click on My Computer and select Properties. If your machine will not boot that far, try turning it on and reading the name as the machine loads the operating system.

How Can I tell which Macintosh Operating System I Have?

From the Finder click on the Apple in the left hand corner and select "About This Computer." (The Finder is the "desktop" where you can see the icon for your hard drive). "About This Computer" will tell you which operating system you have. If your machine will not boot that far, then try turning it on while holding down the shift key. The name of the operating system will also appear as the machine is starting up.

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