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Faculty GRC Computer Lab Policies

Alarm System

Faculty members needing to use the classrooms on a regular basis need to contact the Academic Computing Manager to arrange for an alarm code and instruction on how to use the alarm.

Computer Login

Unless someone has changed the settings in the room computers should automatically log in to the network. Please ask someone in the GRC lab if there are questions. Beginning Spring 2004 all lab machines will be able to be remote controlled from the GRC lab.

User Accounts

Faculty user accounts are created on a per-request basis. This account enables faculty members to put course assignments and syllabi on a server that is easily accessible in each lab or an ftp server that is accessible on the web. To access this server, go to the Student Services page, and then click on the Professors' Folders link in the Academics and Student Affairs section. Please do not put applications in your folder unless they are shareware or ones you created yourself, as distributing commercial software using this folder could violate that software's copyright and be illegal.

Call the Help Desk and request a faculty account on Godzilla. The username needs to identify the faculty member and a password of mixed characters should be given at this time. An account will be made and an Academic Computing staff member will set up a time to work on your computer and give you a demonstration.

Food and Drink

Food and drink can damage the equipment and is not allowed in classrooms or labs.

Software Requests

Software for each semester needs to be requested at least 3 weeks prior to the semester it is needed (this time does not include weekends or holidays). Please do not assume that because you used the software at a previous time that it is still available. Exceptions can be made, but we cannot guarantee when the software will be available for student use.

Software should be checked on LAB or CLASSROOM machines BEFORE it is demonstrated in class. Frequently because our machines are built different than the ones in your office, changes need to be made to the instructor's lecture.


If you require immediate assistance in the lab or in one of the computer classrooms please ask a Lab Assistant or one of the full-time staff for assistance. If you need a change done when "convenient" or by class tomorrow please request in writing to the Academic Computing Manager your request.

If the computer classroom computers or the multimedia station requires any changes please DO NOT do them yourself; ask a lab assistant or staff member for assistance. Commonly what one person needs to change has a negative impact on other users of the equipment. Request in writing (e-mail is acceptable) to the Academic Computing Manager (April Matthews) or Help Desk.

Due to the number of classes in the classrooms please encourage your students to pick up after themselves, as time is limited for us to get in and clean the equipment. If the classroom or the equipment needs to be cleaned please contact someone in the computer lab immediately and we will attempt to alleviate this issue.


We will gladly give you or your class a demonstration on the equipment or a piece of software as long as we are given 36 hours prior notice.


- Students are not allowed to install software on lab or classroom machines.

- There is a student folder available on Godzilla available for students who forget their disk.

- There is a $0.05 charge for each page of black and white printing in the computer labs after the free $10.00 worth of pages (200 pages @ .05)

- Please remind students that the lab assistants are only work-study students and may not know all the answers. While they do receive weekly training it does not cover the material in all the classes.

- Students should be aware that we understand that equipment sometimes has problems, it would benefit everyone if when a student finds an issue they please tell us and we will try to get it corrected.

- As an instructor you might remind students that backups of their disk are necessary. (Directions will gladly be given if requested.)

Lab or Classroom Reservations

Reservations for labs or classrooms need to be at a minimum of two weeks notice. Reservations should be made in writing via e-mail to or via a memo. If the class is to meet on a regular basis in the classrooms it must be requested the semester BEFORE it is needed. The classrooms are dedicated to the Math & CS department classes, however we are willing to work other departments in if at all possible.

It is recommended that faculty read the student lab policies.

Important Names and Numbers

Bryan Smith 6335 Academic Computing Manager
Lee Allensworth 6335 Systems Operator
Help Desk 4357

We hope you enjoy using our facilities and have a great semester. Please see us if you have any suggestions.

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