J. Cloyd Miller Library is committed to the right of every individual to use the Library undisturbed and the right of every Library employee to work without undue interference.  To guarantee these rights for all people, the following rules of conduct apply to behavior on Library property.

Library patrons will not engage in illegal activities or activities prohibited by WNMU.  Library staff will contact Campus Police if a patron:

         Brings weapons or explosive materials, real or simulated, into the Library;

         Uses tobacco in the Library;

         Appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or illegal drugs;

         Steals, damages, or destroys Library property (such actions will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law);

         Sells goods or services or solicits donations of any kind within the Library;

         Unnecessarily disturbs or creates an environment of harassment to others;

         Exhibits inappropriate sexual behavior or physically, sexually, or verbally abuses Library staff or patrons;

         Views child pornography on the Internet;

         Brings animals or vehicles into the Library, except as required by persons with       disabilities; or

         Leaves a child unattended in the Library.

No one shall engage in any conduct that disturbs or interferes with patrons or employees of the Library.  After an initial warning by Library staff or Campus Police, patrons will be asked to leave the Library until the behavior is remedied.  Disruptive activities include but are not limited to:

Shared Files/Public Services/Policies/Rev.Draft-Patron Code of Conduct

Approved By: Policy Committee

Date:          March 30, 2004