It is the policy of Western New Mexico University that the budget will be discussed and finalized by the Presidentís Executive Council and others as invited. Vice Presidents may obtain input from departments as they see fit.

Final copies of the approved Budget will be on file at the J. Cloyd Miller Library within a timely manner after CHE approval.

Items included in the Budget are available for expenditure on July 1. Items not included in the original budget must be approved by the Appropriate Vice President and a Budget Revision Form (attached) must be submitted identifying the funds to cover the expenditure. Revision forms may picked up in the Business Office. No expenditures will be allowed unless budgeted for and approved by a Vice President.

Approved by: Policy Committee
Date: February 7, 2000

Time - Line

November CHE Funding Recommendations published
January- March Legislative Session and appropriation determined
January - March Vice Presidents formulate department budgets
April - May Budget formulated and approved by WNMU Board of Regents
May Budget Submitted to CHE
June CHE Budget Approval
June Budget placed on file at Miller Library
July - September Close Fiscal Year. Prepare financials.
September Submit Budget Actuals to CHE
July - November External Audit
November Copy of Budget Actuals on file at Miller Library