1. Obtain approval from the Director of Fiscal Services to serve as a remote cash collection site.
  2. If a cash box is needed, one will be checked out to an authorized person at time of approval.
  3. Collect cash for stated purpose and issue a pre-numbered receipt to the customer. Gross receipts tax must be collected when applicable or it will be subtracted from total sales.
  4. Retain copy of pre-numbered receipt for unit records.
  5. Prior to the close of business each day (4:00 p.m.) all money collected, along with original cash box amount (if applicable), must be brought to the Business Office for receipting. Account numbers and description of funds collected must be given at that time. The Business Office will issue a receipt. This receipt should match the total of the remote site’s own pre-numbered receipts for the day and be attached to the last corresponding receipt. These records are the responsibility of the remote site.
  6. Any cash box that must be retained by a remote cash site must be kept in a secure fire-proof area, such as a safe vault or locked cash box. Any monies received after closing has occurred should be dated with the next business day’s date.
  7. Cash collected over a holiday or weekend must be deposited the next available business day to the Business Office. Cash is the responsibility of the holder at all times.

***Cash is equivalent to currency, checks, money orders, and credit card receipts.

Approved by: Policy Committee
Date: February 7, 2000