It has been the practice of WNMU administration to evaluate the performance of all its employees on an annual basis. Department directors and department chairs will be responsible for evaluating new employees before the end of the trial period. Thereafter, the Human Resources Department will notify department directors and department chairs approximately one month before the anniversary date of the employee’s date of hire. Supervisors may also conduct evaluations at any time during the fiscal year. The employee shall submit his/her self-evaluation to the reviewing supervisor prior to the evaluation. The supervisor will schedule a mutually agreed upon time to discuss the evaluation and the self-evaluation. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to make sure that the evaluation is completed, that the employee receives a copy of the evaluation, and that the original copy signed by both the employee and the supervisor is forwarded to Human Resources for placement in the employee’s official evaluation file. The Department of Human Resources will document receipt of the evaluation and notify the appropriate vice president of any departments that fail to complete the evaluation process.

Performance evaluations are intended to accomplish the following:

  1. involve personnel in the formulation of objectives and goals related to their program areas and their own personal and professional growth.
  2. review actual performance and accomplishments in the areas of their responsibilities.
  3. promote the effectiveness of staff through the types of contributions they might make to the University community that will lead to greater personal and work growth, recognition and rewards.
  4. provide a written record of personnel performance to support personnel decisions such as merit pay, transfers, reemployment, promotions, and continuing appointments.
  5. recognize special talents, capabilities and achievements of employees, and
  6. identify weaknesses that should be addressed and the means to take corrective action to accomplish measurable goals.

The WNMU Evaluation Forms and discussions between the supervisor and employee should cover the following four general areas:

Supervisors should not overlook their personal impact on an employee’s performance. Be specific, remember that the most useful evaluations are the ones that concentrate on true successes, personal goals, and ability to meet the essential functions of the position. Subordinate employees should be encouraged to expand on their successes and expound on ideas for personal growth within the position. Both supervisor and employee should avoid personality judgments and meaningless generalizations.

Approved by: Policy Committee
Date: February 7, 2000