All students who have registered for classes must pay charges in one of the following ways:

1.      Complete a deferred payment contract and make the associated down payment,

2.      apply guaranteed financial aid to their charges, or

3.      pay charges in full.

When payment arrangements have been made the student must sign a statement of their account accepting full responsibility for their financial obligations. Students who have not finalized by census date will be disenrolled.

Returning students must have a G.P.A. of 2.0 or higher and follow the guidelines outlined above to finalize their class schedule.

All students, who fail to meet the terms of the deferred payment agreement will have to pay off charges for the current semester before they can finalize for any subsequent semesters. Such failure may make the student ineligible to take advantage of the deferred payment contract option in the future.

No student who has finalized in accordance with these guidelines shall be disenrolled on the census date.

            Approved by: Policy Committee

                                 December 13, 2004