In order to comply with OSHA requirements, the Student Health Services has signed a contract with Med Compliance Services in El Paso, Texas, to dispose of the infectious waste materials generated in our building. Contaminated swabs, spatulas, tongue blades, table paper, and other such items are placed in red plastic bags inside of specially marked waste baskets. These bags are secured and replaced as needed. When full, the custodian places these red bags into a large “HazMat” marked drum, which is also lined with a red plastic bag. Contaminated needles and syringes are placed in Sharps containers, and, when full, these are placed in marked cardboard boxes lined with red plastic bags. All of the contaminated material is picked up quarterly, and as needed, by Med Compliance Services, and taken by them to Browning Ferris Industries in Dancono, Colorado, where it is autoclaved.