Our Core Values

Equal Opportunity for Educational Experiences: Located in southwestern New Mexico, WNMU's ITV Departmental sensitivities to rural living facilitate meaningful and rich distance learning experiences for participants. We place the opportunity to access quality educational experiences in front of you.

Collaboration: We assume that no single department or individual can solve every problem. We attempt to develop relationships (between university departments and the extended [global] community) to ensure a top-quality teleconferencing experience. We are willing to work with you and your specific communication demands.

Service Ethic: Every facet of our efforts reflects the highest level of customer service and quality. If we think we can make it better, we simply do.


Mission Statement

Western New Mexico University's ITV department develops and delivers valuable and innovative communicative solutions to the local university community and beyond. We provide advanced, high quality teleconferencing services for educational, business, and outreach purposes. In collaboration with other [extended] university departments, we succeed in providing ITV services that are stable, trustworthy, accurate, and flexible.

If we think we can make it better, we simply do.